The Application Experience Monitoring Pack enables you to see at a glance the current health of the processes that support Nexthink's Application Experience components on Devices across your organization.

This pack does not provide any actual monitoring of business applications, it is to be used by customers who are licensed for Application Experience (currently in technical preview), and when combined with the Application Experience cloud offering it enhances the visibility of the key processes which support Application Experience on devices.

With a breakdown by Operating System, understand how many systems are not running Nexthink Data Forwarder (nxtbsm.exe) and Nexthink Browser Extension Host Application (nxthostapp.exe) to allow you to troubleshoot any potential issues with Application Experience.

The pack comes with Remote Actions for Chrome and Edge to allow you to monitor how many instances of the Nexthink Application Experience plugins you have running.

You will also find a breakdown, by Operating System, of Application Experience component crashes and versions.


The pack is using the category “Application Experience Device”. The category contains the keyword “AppEx Compliant” whose conditions will only auto-tag devices in your environment that are either macOS or Windows devices and not Servers. It can be customized to align with your needs and requirements by adding other conditions e.g., excluding some specific serial numbers in case of special equipment designated only for testing.


The Application Experience Monitoring pack requires customers to be using Nexthink Cloud and be licenses for Application Experience.

The Application Experience Monitoring pack has no mandatory pre-requisites and can be run directly without configuration. However optional configuration may be necessary as described below.

The pack contains one Category to allow you to control which devices in your organization this pack will monitor.



Initial release.