The Campaigns in this Library pack need to be modified before they are sent to users. In the “Questions” and “Optional Content” sections, you will find the word “[application]” placed in square brackets, and we recommend that you replace this with an actual application used within your environment. Additionally, the “Sender” section should also be customized to your liking.

This Library pack includes an Investigation called “All domain users.” The Investigation is embedded in every Campaign included in this library pack. The Campaigns use it to target a different sample of users every day within the domain once every 3 months. We recommended changing the conditions of this Investigation to fit your needs and requirements.

NOTE: If you change the Investigation in any way, you must then drag the new investigation into the “Recipients” section of one of or all of the included campaigns, depending on your needs. Additionally, if you would like to share this investigation with other users, you can do so through ” user roles.” Please consult the adding user's documentation for more information.