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DEX V2 Upgrade Of Remote Worker


The Remote Worker Experience pack Version 6.x and lower relies on the Nexthink Digital Experience pack version 1.X. There are a number of metrics that exist in the dashboards that refer to Scores found in the Digital Experience 1.x Pack.

Nexthink has released a Digital Experience ("DEX") pack version 2.0 and, if installed, it is likely that you will then wish to uninstall the existing DEX 1.X scores.

This will break a number of the metrics in the Remote Worker pack until they are updated to reference these V2 scores.

There is a separate pack you must download to complete this procedure, the "Remote Worker Experience - Update for DEX V2" pack, which is not publicly available but can be obtained by your Nexthink representative.

You cannot download this pack directly from the Nexthink Library you must ask your Nexthink representative to supply it to you.

Pack Contents and Update Procedure

The pack is one dashboard and a number of metrics. The metrics have the same UID as the ones they will replace in the Remote Worker pack. On import of the pack you will be asked to Skip or Replace the metrics and you should replace all metrics with the newer ones.

Once imported you will not see any change to the metric tree except as the metrics replace their older counterparts.

In the Portal you will have one new module, Remote Worker - DEX V2 Update which will have one Dashboard Monitor - Digital Experience.

This dashboard should replace the dashboard of the same name in the Remote Worker pack. Perform this procedure by using the Copy Dashboard and Paste Dashboard features from the Dropdown menu of the Portal. You can then safely remove the legacy Monitor - Digital Experience dashboard.

Note that if you have not removed DEX V1 before you install DEX V2 then of course, nothing will appear to be amiss in the portal, as the V1 metrics will still work. It is only when you remove your existing DEX V1 scores that your metrics would break, hence this update is required.

Finally please note that after you remove DEX V1 from your environment you will notice four metrics that stay in broken state. This is because with the update of DEX these are no longer relevant and the dashboard has been updated to reflect this. They should be deleted. The metrics are the Web Browsing Score and Security Score metrics for Remote and Office Workers.

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