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Hardware Asset Renewal

The Hardware asset renewal pack helps you manage the life-cycle of your devices. It is based on the Digital experience (DEX) device score which measures the actual experience with your devices. The Hardware asset renewal dashboards give you an idea of the physical devices that you need to replace, rebuild, or keep.

Hardware asset renewal costs score

The costs for replacing, rebuilding, or upgrading a device must be configured inside the Hardware asset renewal costs score. Once the values have been adapted to your situation, You should update the Hardware asset renewal score. The default values for the Hardware asset renewal costs are listed below:

  • Replace (500 $)

  • Rebuild (200 $)

  • Upgrade disk (100 $)

  • Upgrade memory (100 $)


  • Hardware type - The keywords in this category are used to define the model and type of hardware that you are looking to evaluate.

  • Hardware assessment - The Evaluate keyword in this category is used to define the operating system and device type of the machines you are looking to evaluate.

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