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Hybrid Working Experience - Installation and upgrade procedure

Installation recommendation

The new Hybrid Working Experience pack is heavily based on the existing Remote Worker Experience pack and is designed to replace it. As many components of this pack have been modified, not least the majority of metrics, a successful installation will require that these items be replaced. This will, unfortunately, result in a loss of some historical data. With this in mind, the Nexthink recommendation is to fully remove the Remote Worker Experience pack (Dashboards, Metrics, Investigations, Categories, Campaigns, Services) prior to installing the new pack.

If you would prefer to install Hybrid Working Experience over the top of an existing installation of Remote Worker Experience, the following guide will explain the best way to do this and what should be expected.


The Hybrid Working Experience pack refers to Digital Experience Scores in some of its dashboards, therefore the Digital Experience Score pack should be installed before installing the Hybrid Working Experience pack. This pack is macOS enabled so if you want to target macOS machines you must ensure that the Digital Experience Score for macOS pack and macOS Content Pack have been installed as they are needed for macOS compatibility.

Upgrade procedure

To start with, you should be presented with this screen, click “Import”

Installation conflicts

You will now see the conflicts screen, showing which existing components have a conflict with those being installed. We will deal with these one by one:


There should only be one category conflict. The default option to “Merge” should be fine.


There are 138 metrics in the new pack, and 65 will most likely be in conflict with the existing Remote Worker Experience pack. We recommend that you select the option “Replace all”; but please bear in mind that this will result in a loss of historical data for those metrics.


There are 6 campaigns, 4 of which have been updated and should be replaced.

Remote Actions

There are 4 remote actions that have been updated since RWE was last published. If you have not already, then we recommend that you replace these as part of this installation procedure.

At the end of this process, you should see the following confirmation:

Finder component locations

Please be aware that if any components need to be modified in the Finder, they could be in one of two different folders: Remote Worker Experience or Hybrid Working Experience.

Except for metrics, this should be predictable:

  • Categories - all categories for the new pack remain in the Remote Worker Experience pack. The newly created folder will be empty.

  • Campaigns - all items remain in the Remote Worker Experience folder.

  • Scores – all items can be found in the new folder, Hybrid Working Experience.

  • Metrics - generally speaking, if a metric from Remote Worker Experience has been modified (and renamed) then it can be found in its original folder. New metrics will always be found in the Hybrid Working Experience folder.

Metric modification:
If any metric modifications are required, the metric in question could therefore be found in either the Remote Worker Experience folder or the Hybrid Working Experience folder:

The location of the metrics in the Finder has no effect on the dashboard, so you are free to move all metrics under one single location if you prefer.

The Hybrid Working Experience pack no longer contains any metrics or dashboards concerned with Skype for Business or Office365 ProPlus. If these measures are no longer relevant to your organization either, the original metrics can be deleted. Similarly, if you are interested in reducing the number of metrics in use, by right-clicking on a Remote Worker Experience metric, you can see if it is in use in the Hybrid Working Experience pack. If it is not, and you no longer refer to the information it provides, it can be disabled or deleted.

Dashboard changes

As many of the metrics have been modified for use in the new pack, it is possible that you will notice some differences with dashboard elements in the Remote Worker Experience pack. Some widgets may be broken, or show slightly different information to before. As mentioned, historical information may have been lost when these metrics were replaced, so timeline graphs, in particular, may be affected.

Change Log Initial Release

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