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OneDrive Advanced Operations


The purpose of this pack is to provide you with deeper insights into your OneDrive deployment. Through this pack, You’ll be able to do things such as determine which devices have OneDrive clients installed and running, determine the update rings of those devices, and determine the number of files and their size stored locally or in the cloud. The pack replaces the OneDrive legacy pack but includes some of its Remote Actions.

This library pack contains the 4 Remote Actions listed below. These RAs are used to retrieve OneDrive deployment information from all the Windows devices in your environment. Ensure that each is executed against target devices regularly so the dashboards can be populated with the latest data:

Get MS Office information

This remote action obtains Microsoft Office details and one of the outputs returns the size of the target devices OneDrive folder. The results of this Remote action are shown on the "Storage Insights" dashboard to ensure that this RA has been executed against devices with OneDrive installed.

Get OneDrive Information

This Remote Action calculates the space used by OneDrive and returns to us the currently configured OneDrive update ring on the target devices. It also allows us to determine the total local and total cloud OneDrive size. As with the "Get MS Office information" RA, the results of this RA are shown on the "Storage Insights" dashboard.

note, this RA has a parameter called "MaximumDelayInSeconds" that expects an integer value as input regarding the maximum random delay set to avoid overloading target devices.

Get OneDrive Status

This Remote Action checks the status of the OneDrive application to see if it's working properly. The results of this RA allow us to determine whether the OneDrive client is installed and running or not on the target devices. Its results are shown on the "Landscape Discovery" dashboard.

Get OneDrive Sync Status

This Remote Action gathers OneDrive sync status from OneDrive logs. In the pack, it's used to determine the number of failed uploads to OneDrive as well as the Download and Upload speeds of OneDrive sync. The results of this RA are shown on the "Storage Insights" dashboard.


From OneDrive to OneDrive Advanced Operations

If you already have the OneDrive legacy pack in your Finder, you may experience import conflicts (such as those shown below) when importing the OneDrive Advanced Operations pack, or some of the other OneDrive packs.


The installation of the pack depends on the existing configuration. If you have already installed and are using the existing legacy Nexthink OneDrive pack then the recommended approach is to remove this pack and then install the new 'OneDrive - Operations' Pack. The new Pack will then install silently without conflict.

Should you wish to keep the existing OneDrive Pack then there are some metrics that are common to the two Packs. Therefore you will be prompted to install of the new 'OneDrive - Operations' Pack whether to merge some metrics which are common to the pack. To work successfully with the new Pack please choose "Replace" rather than "Skip" to ensure the best functionality of the new Pack.

While not mandatory, we recommend decommissioning the OneDrive legacy pack and transitioning over to the newer OneDrive packs. This would effectively remove the potential import issues discussed above.

Landscape discovery dashboard

In the Advanced Operations pack, the "Landscape discovery" dashboard shows you the same content as the "Overview" dashboard of the OneDrive legacy pack. You can see which devices have OneDrive installed and running, the type of worker using that device (Remote or Office-based), and the location of that device. The sentiment section of the "Overview" dashboard of the OneDrive legacy pack has not been ported over to the "Landscape Discovery" dashboard. If you are interested in gauging user sentiment more broadly, we have included in the OneDrive Advanced Operations pack a dashboard called "Sentiment Analysis" that gauges user sentiment using their Digital Experience score.

Storage Insights dashboard

In the OneDrive Advanced Operation pack, the "Storage Insights" dashboard replaces the "Details" dashboard and borrows a few things from the OneDrive legacy pack. "The OneDrive storage breakdown" and the "Devices with Unsynced files" widgets from the "Details" dashboard of the OneDrive legacy pack have been ported over to the Advanced Operations pack.

When it comes to monitoring unsynced files in the Advanced Operation pack, we have created a KPI in the "Storage Insights" dashboard called "Devices with OneDrive files but sync disabled". This KPI shows you the number of devices with OneDrive clients that are not syncing. Not syncing files could lead to data loss. We have also created a KPI that allows you to quickly see which devices with OneDrive clients installed and running are failing to synchronize as this could also lead to data loss. Adjacent to this KPI is a breakdown of devices that are failing to upload files to OneDrive. These additions allow for greater insight into your OneDrive deployments and were not included in the legacy pack.

The "Users experience", "CPU and memory", and "Binaries and ports" sections of the detail's dashboard of the OneDrive legacy pack have not been included in the Advanced Operations pack. If you have the OneDrive legacy pack installed when you import the Advanced Operations pack, these sections will remain unchanged.

OneDrive vs Dropbox dashboard

This dashboard has not been included in the Advanced Operations pack. Like the sections of the "Details" dashboard described above, if you have installed the Advanced Operations pack when the OneDrive legacy pack is already in your Finder, this component of the OneDrive legacy pack will remain unchanged.


Before installing the pack ensure that the Digital Experience Score library pack has been installed in your environment. You can find more information on this library pack here. This pack also requires Nexthink Version 6.20 or above.


Some configuration is required in order to populate dashboards with data. The following four remote actions should be executed against devices within your IT environment:

  1. Get OneDrive information

  2. Get OneDrive Sync Status

  3. Get OneDrive status

  4. Get MS Office information

Be sure to read the slide-out help of the "Ring Management" dashboard as the following two metrics referenced in it contain thresholds that should be tailored to your needs and requirements:

  1. OneDrive - Advanced Operations - Device with high file upload failure

  2. OneDrive - Advanced Operations - USers who should use OneDrive more

Change log


Changed minimum required Nexthink version from 6.30 down to 6.29


Initial release.

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