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OneDrive Management


The OneDrive Management Pack enables you to get better insights into your OneDrive deployments. It consists of Remote Actions that return the status of various aspects of your deployment such as the Download and Upload speeds of OneDrive clients on remote devices, the number of OneDrive clients failing to upload files, The size of OneDrive folders, and the Update ring of a device with a OneDrive client installed.

You can remotely configure the Update Ring of a device with a OneDrive client installed by using the "Set OneDrive Configuration" Remote Action that comes with this pack. Additionally, you can Repair or Reinstall a faulty OneDrive client using the "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action that also comes with the pack.


There are no prerequisites to using this pack. Please consult the configuration section below before running the Remote Actions contained in the pack.


This pack contains only Remote Actions. The ones listed below will need to be manually configured as they require a value to be passed to their parameter(s). To determine which values must be passed to the script, please navigate to the Remote Action section of your Nexthink Finder and open it. In the section titled "Windows", you will see a description of the script written in green text. in the "Inputs" section of the text, you'll find a description of the expected values for the Remote Action.

  1. Get OneDrive Information

  2. Get OneDrive Status

  3. Test OneDrive Files Path and Syntax

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Initial release.

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