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OneDrive Operations


The Operations pack covers the day to day running of OneDrive across Production.

Overall Installation and Configuration

The installation of the pack depends on the existing configuration. If you have already installed and are using the existing legacy Nexthink OneDrive pack then the recommended approach is to remove this pack and then install the new 'OneDrive - Operations' Pack. The new Pack will then install silently without conflict.

Should you wish to keep the existing OneDrive Pack then there are some metrics that are common to the two Packs. Therefore you will be prompted on install of the new 'OneDrive - Operations' Pack whether to merge some metrics which are common to the pack. To work successfully with the new Pack please choose "Replace" rather than "Skip" to ensure the best functionality of the new Pack.

There is no mandatory configuration for the pack once installed, it will work as soon as deployed, however there are some optional steps that can be taken if wished.

Firstly, there is a Category "OneDrive Process". This contains both the Windows and Mac versions of the OneDrive process. If there are no Mac (or no Windows) in your environment, then the appropriate classification within the category can be removed.

There is also the categories "Shadow Storage" for which has DropBox and Google Drive File Stream entries for the processes and also the Domain destinations. These can be removed if wished or similarly if you have other non compliant cloud storage provides you would like to add, they can be included by adding another classification within the categories.

Mandatory configuration

  • No mandatory configuration is required.

  • Optional Configuration as described above may be performed.

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