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OneDrive Summary


OneDrive is Microsoft's Cloud-based file storage solution. Offering large amounts of storage securely, it is popular and growing amongst businesses of all sizes.

Nexthink's OneDrive Solution Packs cover all aspects of a OneDrive deployment, from Migration to Production and on into the Sustain.

The four packs cover different areas of the Product:

  1. Operations - This covers the day to day Production run of OneDrive on the client devices. It requires the core Nexthink Analytics module.

  2. Advanced Health - This enhances the Operations solution with additional insights into OneDrive gained from deeper analysis using the Act module. It also allows for various proactive actions to be taken through the Remote Actions functionality.

  3. Migration - Many organizations are thinking about, or commencing, a migration to OneDrive. This module will take them through this migration walking from the initial readiness through to the Production completion.

  4. Sentiment - This Module uses the Engage functionality to add Sentiment analysis to the solution so that the Technical Metrics can be correlated to genuine user feeling. It also enables Out-of-the-Box Service messages for topics such as OneDrive service degradations.

  5. Advanced Operations - This Module, like the Operations pack, helps administrators gain deeper insights into OneDrive deployments.

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