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Outlook Troubleshooting


Microsoft Outlook is potentially one of the most commonly used business applications within the workplace worldwide. Due to the criticality of Microsoft Outlook as a performant, stable, and well managed application, this pack has been created with a view to giving both Administrators and Architects insights into the Outlook holistic experience.

The 5 dashboards contained within this pack are:

Understand Employee Digital Experience




Configuration Best Practice

These dashboards will help you to understand the overall usage of Outlook in the workplace with an emphasis on the following:

Gain insights into the workplace perception of Microsoft Outlook, particularly those users reporting a low Digital Experience score whilst using Outlook, allowing you to focus on those users and to understand what is affecting their productivity. See a breakdown of the Digital Experience score for Outlook by region and compare it against the Overall Digital Experience score.

Visualize the number of devices running Outlook, with breakdowns by region and worker type. Track the dispersion of different binary versions across the landscape, with KPIs for non-compliant binaries and devices. Track the employee use and adoption of Outlook using Focus Time.

Track the stability of Outlook installations in your environment, with software crashes and freezes broken down by binary version. Visualize the stability of Outlook plug-ins, and devices with high application startup times.

Measure the performance of Outlook, with CPU and Memory usage broken down by device and binary versions. Network usage of Outlook can be tracked in multiple ways, including by device, binary and region.

Easily identify any devices in the workplace running Outlook with excessively large storage files, or with storage files located on network locations, both of which are known to cause performance and stability issues.


This pack is optimized for Nexthink v6.29 and later due to the use of Focus Time measurements. This pack refers to Digital Experience scores in some of its dashboards therefore the Digital Experience Score pack should be installed before installing the Pack.


The following categories can optionally be configured to optimize the information given by this pack:

Outlook Compliance – allows you to specify a minimum binary version of Outlook to allow you to track non-compliant devices.

Outlook Application – contains the Outlook executables for Windows and macOS installations.

Remote Worker vs Office Worker Device – allows you to separate your employee worker type to show relative changes in behavior.

Change log


Bugfix - New Outlook Application category created, metrics re-named to match pack name


Initial release.

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