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Persona Insight - Application Sizing Configuration


The "Persona Insight - Application Sizing" pack helps you to analyze the usage of applications across different employee mobility types, or Personas, enabling you to identify the most suitable applications for each of those Personas.

Having the “right tool for the job” at the right time is very important in ensuring the best user experience. Delivering more applications than employees need results in unused licenses, increased support costs, reduced employee efficiency, and an increased risk of application or system conflicts. Failure to provide the right applications to get the job done results in lower employee performance.

This pack identifies the following three personas based on employee behavior:

  • Deskbound : Employees who have only one fixed office device.

  • Office Mobile : Employees who are mobile within company premises, using either a laptop or several different devices.

  • Fully remote : Employees who work exclusively remote from the office.

The distribution and usage of applications by these different personas is analyzed, enabling you to identify the most suitable suite of applications for each of those personas.


This pack requires the Persona Insight - Score Only pack to be pre-installed.

This pack also requires DEX v2 to be installed.

Version History Initial Release


This pack contains one category that should be configured before use and that is the “Persona Insight - User Filter” category. This can be used to limit the employee’s referenced by the metrics in this pack to a subset of your user base, should you wish to do so.
In addition, the scores in this pack utilize the “Remotely Connected Worker” and “Office Based Worker” keyword entries in the “Remote Worker vs Office Worker Device” category, which is part of the Remote Worker Experience pack. If you already use this pack, your settings for these devices will remain. If not, this category will be installed as part of this pack and these keyword entries should be populated in order for the scoring system to function correctly.
More information on this category can be found here.


The personas identified in this pack are created using a score file. The Recommended, or most-used applications, and the Non-recommended, or least-used applications are calculated using Focus Time.
More information on this feature can be found here.

Most-used applications are any with a Focus Time of more than 30 minutes over a 7-day period. Least-used applications have a Focus Time of less than 30 minutes (but more than zero) over the same 7-day period.


The metrics in this pack support the different types of information shown in the dashboard. No metric modification should be necessary.


The dashboard starts with a Summary that gives you an overview of the main recommendations of this pack.

The recommended and non-recommended applications sections show the distribution of the most used, and the least used, applications in your organization with breakdowns by worker type and location.

Finally, the most used applications with high resource usage are shown. These sections allow you to understand which applications are the most resource intensive in terms of CPU and memory usage, enabling you to focus on optimizing the usage of these applications where necessary.

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