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Persona Insight - Overview


The Persona Insight library packs are a suite of related packs based around the concept of employee personas.

The aim of understanding a Persona is to be able to identify which of the employees within your Organization are exhibiting a particular behavior – be it using a piece of software, consuming a certain amount of resources, whatever it may be.

With Persona Insights, this idea is split into two concepts:

  • Persona Traits – these are the “building blocks” that measure an individual construct, such as the amount of time Microsoft Excel is being used during the working day.

  • Personas – Personas are made up from one or more Traits and are generally binary – you are or you are not. An example of a Persona might be “Ready to move to VDI” which might include the number of applications in use, plus low power consumption use, plus single monitor usage for example.

Persona Insight

The Persona Insights Library Pack is a turnkey solution allowing you to measure activity across a range of technical and sentiment based areas so that you can build an understanding of the behaviors of Employees as they go about their daily work.

The Persona Insight Library Pack allows you to define, discover, and understand various end-user segments in order to deliver superior, personalized digital employee experience, efficiently, while managing cost.

By understanding your end-user personas, you can identify technology consumption patterns, such as software usage, resource utilization etc. You will not only gain a better understanding of your end-user landscape, but will be able to decide the best course of action to customize and improve their experiences.


Score Usage
Persona Insight covers a wide area of Persona Traits, each of which is a computation within a score. We recommend that the Persona Insight pack is run in Nexthink Experience (Cloud). For customers still using an On-Premises installation this pack will install with no problems but should you encounter resource issues please contact Nexthink Professional Services. As best practice we recommend that any score elements that are not required in your organization are removed from the score file.

Persona Insight - Without Campaign

This version of the Persona Insight pack was designed for customers without a Nexthink Engage license and does not include Engage campaigns and associated metrics.

Persona Insight - Score Only

This pack is a barebones version of the Persona Insight pack. It does not have any Dashboards, Metrics or Campaigns. It just contains the Persona Traits Score and Categories.

Persona Insight - Device Sizing / Application Sizing

As organizations start adapting to more flexible ways of working, it is critical that employees work with the most appropriate hardware and software equipment they need to stay productive based on their working style.

Employees provisioned with unsuitable hardware or software equipment work under sub-optimal conditions, leading to increased support overheads and unnecessary device, or licensing related costs.

The Persona Insight Device Sizing and Application Sizing library packs help you to analyze the distribution and usage of devices and applications across personas of different mobility types:

  • Deskbound Employees who have only one fixed office device 

  • Office mobile employees who are mobile within company premises using either a laptop

  • Fully remote employees who work exclusively remote from the office. 

EUC and Support teams can then tailor their provisioning strategies to identify the most suitable equipment or suite of applications for each of those personas, allowing them to significantly reduce costs from inaccurate provisioning and improve employee experience.


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