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Persona Insight - Without Campaign pack

Overview - Persona Insight Concept

The Persona Insights Library Pack is a turnkey solution allowing you to measure activity across a range of technical and sentiment based areas so that you can build an understanding of the behaviors of Employees as they go about their daily work.

The pack is slightly different to other Nexthink Library Packs in that it is essentially a framework of measurements that enables you solve a multitude of Business requirements. By importing and running the pack, you will discover the Persona-based activities of your Employees - but in fact it is what you do with this information that will provide you with the real power and functionality that the pack brings.

Persona Insight - Without Campaign Pack

This document is concerned with the Persona Insight - Without Campaign pack which is a slightly modified version of the Persona Insight pack containing Traits that are relevant for Nexthink Analytics licensed customers but does not include the Campaign and associated Advanced Traits which require Engage licensing.

It contains multiple categories and metrics, one score and two dashboards.


It is important to understand the use of categories in this pack. From version, the use of categories was changed significantly so this should be of particular interest to those customers who are familiar with earlier versions of this pack.

The multiple categories included in this pack are used to group types of applications or business tools together to be referenced by the corresponding scores.

All scores concerned with application measurements now contain a direct reference to an entry in a category, rather than the application executable itself. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, should an application change it’s executable name, or a web resource change it’s URL, this can be changed in the category rather than modifying the NXQL query in the score. Secondly, multiple executable names can more easily be listed for the same application, including macOS references.

For further information regarding this score, or the categories referenced by it. please read the Configuration Guide.

Change log

Pack renamed to Persona Insights - Without Campaign.
Persona Traits score file extensively modified with score parameter revisions, categorization of all executable names and bugfixes to certain scores. Multiple new categories created to support changes to score file.

Initial Release

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