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Remote Worker Vs Office Worker Device Category

This category will tag devices as remote based on their IP address. It works on the principle that ranges for workers that are on site ("Office Based Worker") is defined and automatically detected, with any other address considered being remote from the environment and so defining the worker as a "Remotely Connected Worker".

To successfully use this category, please define the ranges that your organization uses when employees are present at the office, i.e. not remote. It is important that the "Last Local IP Address" subnet ranges match the IP configuration for your business.

So, for example, if you use a 10.x.y.z address for your internal addressing when in the Office, ensure this is set in this category. It is pre-populated with 10.x.y.z and 172.16.y.z as these are commonly used for internal addressing when at work. TIP: you can also use "not in subnetwork" to exclude particular ranges that might be within a larger range.

Please note that the automatic detection using the IP address uses a feature (last local IP) that is only available since version 6.24 of Nexthink and only when the collector is using TCP as its communication channel. If your environment is below this level, or still uses UDP, then please uses the manual categorization of the User class, to identify your remote employees.

Finally note that there is no fixed reason that this method has to be used. If you wish to remove the dynamic criteria and simply statically assign a portion of your devices with this category, this will also work.

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