Level 1: Checklist

The Level 1 Checklist contains a number of key checks that can be used by Level 1 ServiceDesk staff to quickly gain a single pain of glass view of a device and understand at a glance the key digital experience key indicators. Each L1 checklist item is scored according to a value and as such when the score is too low it will be shown as red, a green visual indicating a score that is an acceptable level.

Level 1: Checklist Advanced

The L1 Checklist Advanced takes the L1 Checklist and extends it to include various checks that are performed by Remote Actions. For added security, the library pack by default imports remote actions with manual execution disabled. To enable manual executions edit each remote action, and check "Allow manual triggering of the remote action on these devices". Optionally, select a category & keyword to limit the execution on a set of devices only.