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Teams - Migration


The Teams – Migration pack looks at the performance of devices running Teams to allow you to pinpoint any potential issues.

It also has Dashboards allowing comparisons between the Pilot users and an existing Skype for Business deployment.

The four dashboards are split, with two focusing on the Pilot users and two focusing on a Skype for Business migration scenario.

Version History


This upgrade introduces Focus Time which is the Nexthink metric that measures the time that a user has the targeted application window open and active. This gives a good indication that the application is being used and for how long. Please note that Focus Time is not yet compatible with Focus Time but will be included in the next release

Upgrading from an earlier version

For metrics that refer to the Teams executable, there are new categories that allow the pack to be configured to look for supporting or additional files as opposed to the previously hard-coded entry for teams.exe.

In addition the dashboards have been upgraded to include more helpful and relevant metrics for Teams landscape management.

However, with this level of upgrade, there is a small cost: if upgrading from an earlier version many of the metrics will offer an option of replacing or skipping as part of the pack upgrade. As with standard Nexthink behavior this does mean that if replace is chosen then the metric history will be lost as will any customizations against the metric.

Therefore it is our advice not to upgrade this pack, but to remove the earlier version and install this as a fresh, clean build.

If this is not an option for you as an Organization then "Skip" may be chosen during the import however post customization of the metrics may be wished to bring them in line with the new dashboards.

Whichever option is chosen, post installation, if you wish to rely on the new dashboards only and no longer need the older dashboards, then the following metrics are no longer used:

  • Teams - Devices with failed web requests by version - Early Adopters

Because, by design, Nexthink does not delete metrics during an upgrade, these should be removed post upgrade as they are not present in any of the new dashboards.

Overall configuration

Follow the overall configuration for all Teams library packs.

Mandatory configuration

  • No mandatory configuration is required.

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