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Teams Overall Configuration

Create Service

It is strongly advisable to create a Nexthink Service for the Teams Service which provides a lot of insight out of the box of any given process. Note that this only needs to be done once, whereas there are many Teams Solution Packs, so please follow these instructions only once, not once for each Pack. To configure this, go to the “Services” and configure a new service as you would for any other Nexthink Service definition:

Note the type is HTTP and TLS web requests. This will then, as per normal, create the Dashboard for this automatically within the portal which you can then use.

Follow the evolution of the service in Portal.

Configure categories

  • When deploying Teams there are many scenarios where it will be rolled out to an Early Adopter group before being rolled out to the main Production users. In this scenario there is a Nexthink Category which allows you to flag these users as Early Adopters and there is a dashboard relating to this which enables you to look at the Early Adopter statistics compared to the Production users.

  • This pack has two important Categories. The first is Teams User Deployment Ring:

  • This category defines all users with the Keyword Production unless they are manually categorized as having a different deployment ring, which can be Early Adopter or other Pilot rings.

  • The metrics and dashboards as delivered use only the Production or Early Adopter Keywords. If other deployment Rings are needed the metrics can be duplicated and amended accordingly.

  • If you are wanting to pilot Teams to a set of users then please set the Keyword on them via the Finder to be “Early Adopter”:

Tip: If Teams is to be deployed in stages across the Production landscape it is also possible to move the order of the auto tagging so that users are defined as “uncategorized” and not Early Adopter or Production, meaning they will be excluded from any dashboards until they are then classified as such. This allows for a model where Teams is being slowly deployed across the organization and users can be classified as Teams Production users as the Production deployment takes place.

Once the configuration is in place, then the Dashboards for Overview and Performance will populate with the metrics for the Users that are classified as Early Adopters.

The second Category that should be noted is "MS Teams". This contains the executable files for Teams on Windows and Mac along with the Teams Updater executables. This should not need configuring, however if you wish to bring in additional executables that are part of Teams to be monitored by Nexthink, this is possible here simply by amending the category.

  • Note: If you change a category (new keywords, change of condition, etc.) and import a new Pack referring to it, the “Finder conflict” dialog will prompt. Select either Merge or Skip in order to keep the changes that you have made.

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