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As mentioned in the Overview section, this pack allows employees to remediate issues they are having with their devices. For example, suppose an employee was having issues with their Microsoft Teams client constantly crashing. An IT administrator could navigate to the Engine Statistics page in the Finder, and click on the number in the “Last 24H” column of the “Devices” row:

Next, the Administrator will then be presented with a list of devices. They could then double-click on the device(s) used by the employee to get more details:

Next, the Administrator will be presented with a page such as the one below. You can see that the Score for one of the Teams Stability sections is between 0 and 3. This indicates that the employee's Teams application has crashed multiple times in the last week. We recommend two options for the Administrator: The first is to click on the “Clear Microsoft Teams Cache” link in the “Available Remote Actions” section. This RA will simply clear the MS Teams cache. This could fix the employee's issues. The second option is to reinstall Microsoft Teams entirely on the employee’s device(s).

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