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Virtualization: AVD - Advanced


This pack enables the Operator to understand some important aspects of their Virtual Environment. It focuses on ensuring that the VDA Agents (where used) are correctly registered. Without this, an incorrectly or malfunctioning VDA agent can potentially take a host server offline from the perspective of managing the pool of resources which could have a direct impact on the user experience, by not allowing the user to successfully connect to their session.

It also gives visibility on the user sentiment from the perspective of satisfaction with their experience using their virtual sessions. This important insight should be balanced with the technical metrics found in the other Virtualization packs so that a complete picture of the Digital Experience is formed.

Version - This is the initial release of the Virtualization - AVD Advanced pack.


This pack requires the DEX V2.1 "Virtualization type" category, which should be configured to define the Session Based Computing Servers and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in your environment.

Upgrade Information

This pack does not upgrade from any other pack.


Remote Action "Get Azure Virtual Desktop Information"

This pack uses this Remote Action in it's execution. There are no input parameters to configure for this Remote Action it should be scheduled according to frequency that you wish to run it.

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