Solution Packs Detail

The Virtualization Solution Pack’s focus on the Virtual landscape of customers, enabling both high-level overview statistics as well as deep-dive insights and recommendations to help with the Digital Experience of the Virtual environment’s users.

The Solution is made up of four Library Packs:

  • Operate - Monitors the status of the Virtual Landscape running in Production.

  • Advanced Operate – Additional Monitoring for Customers that have the Nexthink Act Module

  • Sentiment – Enables user sentiment feedback through campaigns to understand if the technical metrics are being correlated with genuine user feeling.

  • Project – Focusing on organizations that wish to migrate to a Virtual solution and want to understand which users, personas, applications, and devices are good (or bad) candidates for this.

This Document concerned the Project pack.

  • Investigations : 1

  • Services : 3

  • Metrics : 132

  • Categories : 9

  • Campaigns : 2

  • Score : 1

  • Remote actions : 1

Individual Library Pack configuration

Virtualization: Project

  1. Mandatory Configuration Please refer to the disclaimer

  2. Optional Configuration Nine possible optional Nexthink Categories in this pack:

    1. Pilots Categories There is no limit to what can be configured. It is perfectly reasonable to remove any of the above or add any that are wished for.

      • Virtualization - Pilot Devices

      This Category determines the VDI Pilot groups. This can be used for performance testing and, if required, a Production image comparison between two groups of pilots.

      Virtualization - Pilot Applications

      This Category determines the Virtualization Pilot groups. This can be used to managed and the categories of the application in the pilot step.

      Virtualization - Excluded Users

      This Category determines the Virtualization Pilot groups. This can be used to managed and the categories to exclude any users from the pilot.

      Virtualization - Excluded Devices

      This Category determines the VDI Excluded devices. This can be used to exclude any devices from becoming VDI images if IT have so decided.

      Virtualization - Excluded Applications

      This lists applications which are not wished to be reported on. There are some default categories which are populated out of the box:

    2. Services Categories Here you can customize the categories to define a service monitoring for the VDI devices, Pilots devices per group, and the VDI connections to the infrastructure.

      • Virtualization - Clients Executables

      Virtualization - Clients Ports

      Virtualization - Clients Domains

  3. To clean the Library Pack:Please refer to the disclaimer Before cleaning, you can backup your "Virtualization Project" Library Pack version. To backup, follow this link.

    • In the Finder:

    In each section described, right-click on "Library\Virtualization Project" and Delete.

    • Investigations

    • Services

    • Metrics

    • Categories

    • Campaigns

    • Score

    • In the Portal:

    Go on the "Virtualization Project" module menu then click on "Delete Module..."

The operations described in this article should only be performed by a Nexthink Engineer or a Nexthink Certified Partner.

If you need help or assistance, please contact your Nexthink Certified Partner.