Creating representative rings for quality updates

  1. Pre-requisite: Win10:Configuration

    1. Prioritizing your packages

    2. Prioritizing your device models

  2. Configure Category “Win10 Device ring for quality update”

The dashboard "Create representative rings" helps you to make sure that

  • No device is wrongly assigned to a ring (E.g., MacOS, Server, etc)

  • No device is missing a ring (E.g., a Windows 10 device that is not in Ring 0, Ring 1 or Production)

  • No device is assigned twice (E.g., a device that is in Ring 0 for the Quality update and Ring 1 for the Feature update. A device that is assigned in Ring 0 in Quality update must be in Production for the Feature update, etc.)

Migrating and monitoring the next Quality update version

  1. Pre-requisite: Create representative rings for feature update

  2. Pre-requisite: Install & configure Digital Experience Score

  3. Configure Category “Win10 Quality update target build” with the target build numbers for each versions of Windows present in your environment.